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Event Space

Looking for the perfect event space in PJ or a meeting room in Kota Damansara? SPEWCO offers an excellent event location for rent, fully furnished and stunning! Our venue's adaptable and personalized environment is ideal for various activities, including conferences, classes, product debuts, educational gatherings, and unique events that you might have in mind.

Located conveniently between two extensive parking lots, our space provides extra convenience for your attendees.

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Chiropractic Event

This chiropractic workshop, held at our state-of-the-art event space in PJ, provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques used in chiropractic care. Through interactive sessions and hands-on training, attendees will learn how to identify and address musculoskeletal conditions, improve patient outcomes, and enhance their clinical skills


Coding Workshop

Collaborate with CrazyAnts Event Company to host a Beginner Coding Workshop at our premier event space in PJ. This workshop is designed to introduce participants to coding fundamentals in a dynamic and interactive setting. Contact us today to discuss this exciting collaboration opportunity!

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Product Launching 

Our fully equipped and versatile event space in PJ provides the perfect setting for your momentous occasion. We are thrilled to partner with you to ensure that your product launch is a resounding success.


Music Video Filming

In addition to hosting events, our event space in PJ is an excellent location for music video filming. Our customizable space offers a visually stunning backdrop for capturing high-quality footage, and our professional amenities and equipment ensure that your production runs smoothly.

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CZ Marketing Seminar

Ken & his team have continuously practiced and tested their methods, helping customers and their Marketing Agency achieve multiple successes! Among their own projects, using the methods taught in "A - Z Shoot Profitable Videos," they achieved RM92k in revenue in just 2 months on a page with 0 followers & 0 likes!

They have finally decided to launch the FB Marketing Essential Course, most suitable for Malaysia Online Sellers! "A - Z Shoot Profitable Videos" The course will be held at our event space in PJ, providing a perfect venue for learning and networking.


Personal Growth Seminar

Using tarot cards for deeper self-awareness can be a powerful tool for personal growth. Morimaiss Group, a group of ambitious young entrepreneurs, believes in understanding their core values and qualities to succeed. They also recognize the importance of creating the right environment for growth and self-discovery, which is why they choose our event space for their tarot sessions. Tarot can offer insights and reflections that help in this journey of self-discovery and understanding.

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Mind Rest Workshop

A renowned traditional bone-setting therapist from Taiwan has been invited to Malaysia to hold a sharing session at our event space in PJ. This session presents a unique opportunity for individuals interested in traditional bone-setting therapy to learn from a master in the field. The event aims to educate attendees about the principles and techniques of traditional bone-setting, providing valuable insights into this ancient healing art. Join us at our event space in PJ for this enlightening session with a renowned expert in traditional bone-setting therapy.


NLP Basic Workshop

Bwise Consultant has chosen our meeting room in PJ as the venue for their range of self-improvement programs, including basic and advanced NLP courses, mindfulness courses, timeline therapy, and youth holiday camps. This partnership provides a convenient and comfortable space for participants to engage in these valuable personal development experiences.

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